New Year, New You?

Well I guess this is the best time if any to jump back on my blogging train. Yes I miss it and I hope I still have followers lol

I haven’t really been around much in the internet world or social media. I constantly “lurk” but I very rarely post or respond. People are always like why don’t you post more pictures of the kids…well I stink at taking pictures first of all and second I don’t really know why besides the fact that I am busy and it just isn’t one of the things on my list. BUT yes I want you all to see how amazingly cute they are lol ;-)

Anyway, like I said life has been a bit crazy. I haven’t done much crafting, baking or even reading because there just never seems to be enough time in the day! I am hoping with the Holidays being over I can start focusing a little more on the fun things I miss.

Since this is what people do I will leave you with a list of goals for 2015 (in no particular order). No i won’t be the one who plans to be at the gym lol!!!

  • Focus on my marriage! The twins take up a lot of time and energy which I never regret but with them getting older I need to make sure My Best Friend is happy. <3
  • Be there for my Best Friend to help plan the BEST wedding of 2016 (sorry Bri lol)! You deserve ALL the best <3
  • Do more with my kids, fun activities and all around just playing. We get so wrapped up in the daily routine and I feel by the time I get to enjoy them and play with them they are ready for bed :-(
  • Get the house ready to sell and start looking for our next house! We are hopeful to get this house ready and on the market by April. We have a couple big projects left to do but then just little things! :-)
  • Get better Organized. I have been having a tough time balancing life, wife, work and mother and I am hopeful that with better organization I will feel a little less overwhelmed.
  • Be the best I can be at my new position. As of today I am now the new CFO at my job! I am very excited and yet very nervous at this new journey.
  • Focus more on my family!
  • Enjoy the year, less planning (you know as much as I can lol) and remember that everything happens for a reason!

Well I think that is plenty for now! Let me know what your main goal is for this new year! :-)


Happy New Year Everyone!!

A Little Bit Cupid

I don’t know about you all, but I am a sucker for a good love story and when I saw this book, I was like awww cute! I had high hopes for this and I wasn’t let down (I mean look at that cute cover!!!)

This was a free kindle book and was only 84 pages but I still loved it :-)

A Little Bit Cupid


Goodreads: 3.48 stars

Finding love should be easy, but wedding photographer Phoebe Ward knows better. When Cupid shows up on a crazy mission to help her —and save the world in the process—Phoebe realizes love might be even more complicated than she thought. Even with Cupid showing her Mr. Right , she can’t stop thinking about his best friend, Mr. Wrong.

Cal Crawford has never had time for love, but now he’s falling for Phoebe. Which means it’s got to be just plain wrong to set her up with his best friend, right? But even though seeing Phoebe with someone else will break his heart, he can’t walk away from her.

Phoebe can’t afford to choose the wrong guy with the fate of the world at stake. But maybe Cupid has it wrong. Maybe she has to rely just a little bit on Cupid, and a whole lot more on her heart.

My Review: 5 stars!! Maybe 4.5 but definitely closer to 5!

LOVED it! Such a cute novella, I thought the cupid thing was a little weird in the beginning but I got sucked right into the story that it didn’t bother me! I loved the characters especially Cal and his charming and witty personality.
I would like to say I read this in a day but you know Mom life doesn’t always allow that, but otherwise, this is definitely a one sitting/day read! I mean who doesn’t want to find love, and maybe sometimes you aren’t meant to be with the one you think you are! There is a plan for you, be patient and enjoy life :-)
Give it a shot, come on it is only 84 pages ;-)


Menu Monday 8/25-8/29

Happy Monday everyone! It is Menu day :-) If you don’t make a weekly menu, I challenge you to do it! It saves time so you aren’t planning during the week or last minute with nothing thawed and it also saves on groceries so you know exactly what you need for the week and aren’t buying tons of extra stuff! If you do make a menu (or if you don’t) what is your favorite or go to meal??


Monday- French Bread Pizza

Tuesday- Parmesan Crusted Baked Pork Chops (carryover from last week)

Wednesday- Burgers and Onion Strings

Thursday- One Pot Tortellini & Sausage in Tomato Cream Sauce

Friday- One Dish Chicken Tamale Casserole (provided by a dear friend Jess <3)

Enjoy your week!

For anyone who reads to the bottom or who it interested…My almost 10 month son is getting his first haircut today and I still don’t know how I feel about it but I know it will benefit him so I am going along with it (for Aaron ;-) ) Ahhhhh my kids are growing TOO FAST!



Menu Monday 8/18-8/22

Happy Monday, I hope everyone’s day is going well!


Monday- Out –  a bunch of errands to do

Tuesday- Zucchini Lasagna (carryover from last week since we didn’t make it)

Wednesday- Baked Black Bean & Sweet Potato Flauntas

Thursday- Parmesan Crusted Baked Pork Chops

Friday- Taco Macaroni & Cheese

Here is a little something to think about today <3


With Love,


August LOVE ITS!

August Love Its are as follows :-)

Root 63 Wine From Sunset Meadow Vineyard (my absolute favorite winery!)!index

This wine is AMAZING! It is, “A versatile semi-sweet wine with flavors of strawberry, pomegranate and raspberry.  Pairs well with most everything from pizza and burgers to fruit & cheese”.

I am not all about red but this one we gladly enjoyed while spending a child free afternoon with some of our Best Friends! Great wine, Merlot slushies and just a nice relaxing time!

Fruity Slushies Starburtstarburst-fruity-slushies-133557-im


I stumbled upon these candies at CVS and had no idea about them! New candy…sure I will try it ;-) These are so good, the flavors are Strawberry Lemonade Chill, Blue Raspberry Rush, Citrus Slush (my favorite!) and Cherry Splash. Perfect for summertime!

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Spray


A cousin of ours brought this on our vacation and she told me she LOVES it and she brings it everywhere and uses it on everything. She said just spray it on the stove, grab a towel and wipe, everything comes right off…SOLD! I bought it for $1.98 and used it and I sure do LOVE it! You can’t beat that price, for something so simple, that works and smells really good! Thanks Christa <3

Anyone have anything new or cool you think I would like to try??

Have a great Thursday :-)



A discovery turns to a GIVEAWAY!

Who doesn’t love a giveaway?!?! This is my first so we will see how it goes :-)

This is going to be a book giveaway and the detailed story is below…

Ok, so I am kind of annoyed at this discovery…I own two books with two totally different titles but, THEY ARE THE SAME BOOK!!!

Can you believe it!?!? I was so shocked and very upset when I stumbled upon this discovery…Just ask my husband who kindly went over every bit of the book to make sure I wasn’t mistaken lol

Well here are the books:


The one on the left, I got for Christmas last year and the one on the right I found at the Dollar Store.

So here is the story! I have wanted Simply from Scratch for a long time and I put it on my Amazon wishlist and got it this past Christmas and was so excited, but just haven’t had the time to pick this up.

Well, I was perusing the $ store one day and  decide to check out the book section when this one, “A Pinch of Love” really caught my attention, so I read the back and LOVED it, so I bought it. Well after this past book club selection I decided to pick up something quick, light and fun and picked up A Pinch of Love. A couple nights ago I decided to update my Goodreads books, marking off the ones I own and I went to check off Simply from Scratch when a name caught my eye…Rose-Ellen “Zell” Carmichael Roy, hmmm this is the same character in the book I am reading now! So I checked the author and she wrote both of them, then I was thinking this must be a trilogy or something, so I read the summary and what do you fricken know…IT IS THE SAME BOOK!!!!

That is when Aaron and I search the book all over making sure it in fact is the exact same, then I got mad saying it didn’t even say anything anywhere about this being a remake, and we look and look and what do you know it does in small letters on the bottom:


Right there it says, previously published as Simply from Scratch…UGH! Clearly I was going to like this book since I bought it twice hahaha.

Has this ever happened to anyone before!?!? After researching both of them, they were only published a year apart, and it was an International Best Seller, so I am very curious why the name change happened!


Now on to the GIVEAWAY :-)

I am going to give away the one I bought at the Dollar Store, “A Pinch of Love”, yes I know it is just the Dollar Store but if you are interested, it is still a free book ;-) (I have switched to reading the one that I got at Christmas so that I can give the nicer of the two away)

  • It is simple, leave your email and tell me your favorite book in the comments below and I will randomly select a winner next Tuesday 8/19, I will announce it here and send you an email.

Well do it or don’t, lets see how this goes.



Menu Monday 8/11-8/15

What a wonderful weekend…can you all agree?!? Beautiful weather and great friends…PERFECT! <3

Now on to the weekly menu, which isn’t anything amazing but I will share anyway.


Monday- Pork Cubes and Potato Wedges

Tuesday- Homemade Pizza (testing out our Pampered Chef Pizza Stone for the first time!!!)

Wednesday- Zucchini Lasagna

Thursday- Out to dinner with good friends we haven’t seen in a while!

Friday- Pesto Chicken Sandwiches and salad (we might test out this creamy pesto)

I am looking forward to a great week and another amazing weekend!!