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Reading Crafts

I love to read & love to craft, so for a benefit last Christmas I created a book/reading themed raffle basket and here are two crafts I made to go in it:

A "I Love Big Books & I Can Not Lie" tote

A “I Love Big Books & I Can Not Lie” tote

I got the medium sized tote from AC Moore and just painted the letters with a stencil that was cut out by my Cricut (I cut each word separate so that I had a word by word stencil).

A small Canvas that says READ

A small Canvas that says READ

For the canvas I got a small sized canvas from AC Moore. I used my Cricut and cut out letters I needed out of Vinyl. Then I painted stripes vertically on the canvas (roughly the width of the letters) using 4 different shades of teal. I let that completely dry then placed the vinyl letters on the canvas (these didn’t stick too well so just make sure you rub and get it to stay as best you can). Then I took the black paint and painted over the letters (make sure it is a good coat because you only get one shot and make sure your letters stay down so you don’t paint under the letter). Lastly, carefully remove the vinyl to reveal your word (do this as quickly as you can after you are done painting because you don’t want it to dry on the canvas).

Other items that I put in the basket were: $25 gift card to Amazon.com, a framed paper that said: “I Am Simply A Book Drunkard”, some books (Night Road by Kristin Hannah, The Host by Stephanie Meyer and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close), two bookmarks (one said Shhhh I’m Reading and the other was shaped like a worm) and a book light.

Don’t you wish you won this basket?!?! 🙂


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