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Cow Themed Baby Shower

You know that Minnie banner I posted a couple days ago? Well I had the honor of throwing that little girl (well her mom) a baby shower too!

Now this was one of my first “events” that I planned so it isn’t the greatest but it turned out well thanks to the help of my Best Friend!

Here are the pictures from the party…thankfully my Best Friend remembered to take pictures! Love her!!!

Our table setting

Our table setting

For the Table we had a white table cloth with black & white plates and white silverware wrapped in cow print napkins. For the centerpiece we had little cow planters that we stuck a balloon weight in, that was tied to one pink, white and cow print balloons.



For the favors, they were little cow statues that we found at the Christmas tree Shops (for the record I thought these were HIDEOUS, but knew my sister would love them!), that we wrapped in netting and tied curling ribbon to. We also had candy boxes with the cowtails candy in them, which went with the theme and is one of my sisters favorite candies.

The Diaper Cake

The Diaper Cake

This is a diaper cake my Best Friend & I made for my sister. Just made with diapers and cute little things she would need for Chloe. I love the pink cow on top, it is funky but oh so soft!

The cake

The cake

The lovely cake with a cute cow candle I found!

The paint a onsie table :-)

The paint a onsie table 🙂

We also had a Paint-A-Onsie table, everyone was able to paint a onsie for Chloe, this was used as a guestbook and the best/cutest painted onsie won a small prize.

One of the onsies all decorated

One of the onsies all decorated

Here is just one of the cute onsies, I’m pretty sure my Aunt made this 🙂 So crafty!

Well that is about it, we had some games that I really can’t remember anymore, but we did some things that I think are great for any baby shower, here are some tips!

1. Have everyone write their address on an envelope that belongs to the thank you cards (yes this means you have to buy them in advance lol), but it helps the mommy to be, all she would have to do is fill out the card and put it in the mail, not only that but it saves her the hassle of getting addresses that she may not already have.

2. When you send out the invites, put a little note in there saying if you bring a pack of diapers (any size) you will be entered into a raffle. This is Great! They will have a chance to win a prize but also the mommy to be will have a bunch of diapers (this would really help them out, these babies are expensive!)

It was a fun day, my sister got a lot of great gifts and now beautiful Chloe is growing up fast and is as precious as ever!

Huge thanks! Just want to thank some key people in the success of the party! Obviously my Best Friend who is always my right hand! My sister in law who helped out a lot and made sure things went smoothly! My mother in law who helped prepare the food. Also my mother for providing the beautiful cake!



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