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Framed Monogram

For Christmas a couple years ago I made this framed monogram for my SIL, with the color scheme of her wedding.

Framed Monogram

Framed Monogram

This isn’t the greatest picture, but I was really happy with the results! I bought a 16×20 black frame (keep the cardboard that is behind the glass, you will use this), wooden letters & numbers,  and purple paint from ACMoore, and damask (black & white) and purple fabric from Joanne’s.

First I cut the damask fabric, the length & width of the frame and I painted the letters purple (only the top and sides, the bottom will be glued down), I did probably about 2-3 coats of paint.

Next, I took the cardboard from the frame (found behind the glass) and using Aleene’s tacky glue (might not be the best thing to use, but it worked well for me :-)), I glued the fabric to the cardboard (I just drizzled lines all over then after attaching the fabric, I smoothed it out). Let this completely dry!

After the fabric is dry and the letters are dry, you can go ahead and arrange the letters and numbers how you want them, then glue them down using the tacky glue.

And you are done! Just let it completely dry before you pick it up, we don’t want any mishaps!

**I also made a fabric flower to put on as an accent, you can find the pattern here. The pattern calls for ribbon, but I used fabric and, it was pretty easy! I also added two black & white buttons just for a little more of a pop!



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