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Quick & Cute Cookie Gift Carrier

I normally just throw the cookies into a ziploc bag and hand them out that way…well not anymore! Here is a very easy, quick and very cute cookie carrier:

All you need is:

Everything you need

Everything you need

12×12 piece of scrapbook paper

tape runner (or double sided tape or regular tape, and roll it)

cleaned out Pringles can (can use any size but I used the full size one)



1. Cut the scrapbook paper to 10×10 1/2 (might be a little long but that is ok)

2. Using the tape runner, tape four pieces down one side of the paper (one of the 10 1/2 sizes and design side) and tape 1 piece on 2 sides of the Pringles tube



3. Roll the paper around the tube and rub to make sure the paper sticks to the tape on the paper and on the tube.

4. Then fill it with cookies and tie it with a pretty bow to handout 🙂

Pretty Cookie Gift

Pretty Cookie Gift

Perfect Carrier

Perfect Carrier

**The large Pringles tube can hold anywhere from 12-20 cookies, all depending on how big your cookies are.

How Cute & Simple is that!!! No more Ziploc bags for me 🙂


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