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Closer Than They Appear

I told you I would push some books when I find a good one…I mean who doesn’t want a good book recommendation! This was a free book that I was able to get for my Kindle, and I loved it!

It was a very quick read, only about 108 pages and, unfortunately it is no  longer free but it is only $.99 on amazon if you are interested.

Here is the Goodreads description of the book:

Closer Than They Appear

by Jess Riley (Goodreads Author)

4.05 of 5 stars

Personal chef Harper and aspiring writer Zach have never met, but they see one another at the same stoplight every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on their morning commutes. Harper turns left, Zach turns right, and gradually, each begins to wonder about the person they see every other morning. The person with the smile that could fuel an empty heart for miles.

Here is my review: I gave it 4 out of 5 stars (closer to 4.5!)

Oh I am so bummed! I was absolutely hooked and loved the premise behind meeting someone at a stop light everyday and gaining a relationship, but never actually talking, it kind of has a spin off of love at first sight! Such a different, non traditional way that I absolutely LOVED and thought was very clever! BUT, I want more, oh so much more! I loved the characters but I want to see them develop after they “meet”. I feel that if we had more this book could have easily gotten 5 stars. Please give us a sequel!

So I know I say I was bummed but it was only because I wanted more, I really loved this book and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good quick read! I fell in love with the characters, Zach & Harper and loved their individual stories and the “moments” they shared. I just wish there was an epilogue or a sequel, and there was nothing, Riley did do a good job finishing and ending the story though, I didn’t feel that there was anything left out, I just wanted the story to continue!

**I tend to give my reviews without any important details that may ruin the story for anyone, there is nothing more awful then ruining or spoiling a story!


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