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Cheap Homemade Bookmark

So when I say cheap I mean that I paid NOTHING for this craft. It was FREE!! You can use whatever you have on hand and make it unique and your own πŸ™‚

All you need are (free) paint strips from Home Depot, Walmart, wherever you can find them.

Cool hole punches

Some ink and stamps to decorate with (I used paint because I didn’t have ink)

Some pretty string or ribbon



I just punched a hole on the top of the paint strip and tied ribbon to it. Then I took the stamp and stamped it on the paint strip. There you go…done! Now you have cute and cheap bookmarks πŸ™‚

**You could also cut the paint strip to whatever size you are comfortable using


I know a lot of people just use random things they find as bookmarks but if you can have cute ones that are Free, then why not πŸ™‚DSC03134

Now go ahead and make your cute bookmark!


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