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Happy Easter!

So I know most of us are enjoying a wonderful three day weekend, but lets try and not forget the true meaning behind this Holiday! I won’t go into any religious spiel about what we should be remembering, but I just want to say Enjoy this wonderful day that has so graciously been provided for us!

I hope you all are having an amazing day with your families!

Here are some fun Easter traditions that we have as a family (not many), what are yours?

Normally we would get up and go to Easter morning service, but this year we went to Easter service Sat. night. Then today, we have Easter Brunch at my Grandparents house, then we do dinner with my in laws. We do an egg hunt with all the children in my family after brunch, then we get to break into the wonderful, big,  filled to the top delicious basket of heavenly sweets (candy) that my Memere (and Pepe & Aunt Roberta) graciously provide (this is probably my favorite part, besides hanging out with my wonderful family of course!!!). Then we head to my in laws and she usually has little Easter baskets for all of us, then sometimes we have a small Easter egg hunt (yes we are all in our 20’s and this is still really fun!)

This year after this active Easter day, when we are stuffed and ready for bed, we will be heading to some friends house for a T.V. Show Premier !!! I don’t know why they would start it on Easter but the did so our fun will continue!

Image courtesy of google images

Image courtesy of google images


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