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Frozen Strawberry Pie

I made this the other day hoping that CT would finally see some warmer weather…not so much! 😦

I made this a couple times last summer and tried a couple different recipes that I have found but this one combination was the best I came up with!

It is very easy and oh so good with only a couple ingredients!

Frozen Strawberry Pie


2lb Strawberry Yogurt (big container)

1 8oz cool whip

1 pint strawberries sliced

2 oreo pie crusts


Whip together the yogurt and cool whip until it is well mixed

Add the chopped strawberries

Pour the mixture into the two pie crusts

Place in the freezer for a couple hours depending on how frozen you want it. (I like to have it in no longer than two hours because I prefer it not too frozen, I tend to let it sit out and soften a little too when it comes out of the freezer)

Here is a picture before the pie was “frozen” i can eat it just like this, it is that good!


I hope you guys enjoy this and I hope the warmer weather tends to get her soon and stick around for a little while!

**Warning** this pie mixture is so good you might want to just it it as is! 🙂 🙂


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