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Wine glass decorating craft & an Announcement!!!

So a couple weeks ago, my Sister in Law had a Thirty One Bags party and the theme was wine glasses, they asked everyone to decorate and bring a wine glass! Here are the ones I made, one for my and one for my best friend 😉

Here is the one I made for my best friend, it didn’t come out as awesome as I hoped, but I bought the glass at the $ store. For the glitter top, I mixed glitter with Modge Podge and painted/ sponged it on. The glitter kind of clumped and stuck to the brush/sponge so I had to keep applying to get the glitter on the glass but it wasn’t very even.


The words Best Friend are stickers, and since she likes Pink and Zebra Print, I tied this bow on it. On the bottom I wrote in Marker, “To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world!” This saying expresses my feelings for her to a T she has no idea how much she means to me!!! Aside from my husband she has been the one who has been there through everything!

**clearly this glass is more for decoration then actually using for wine, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t make it through a washing with the stickers and markers 🙂


Now here is my glass that I made for the party! Done with the $ store glass and markers, heart jewels, a baby sock and a pacifier!!! For the Momma Juice glass!!


That’s right this glass was for me because I AM GOING TO BE A MOMMA!!!! Not only am I going to be a Momma, but I am going to be a Momma to TWINS!!!!

Clearly this is why I have been tired and lazy lately, I did have a bad cold in the very beginning of my pregnancy then after that I was very tired and had no ambition to read or do anything. Well I am now into my second trimester and my energy and appetite have returned and I am oh so happy! I have been very blessed with an awesome pregnancy so far, very very little morning sickness and I feel great besides the fact that I am a “lucky” % of pregnant women that get stuck with congestion, but if this is the worst that I am going to have to deal with…I will gladly take it!!

I have multiple sets of twins in my family and I am so excited to be having twins, I actually am a twin and it was one of the best things!!! We are due 11/29/13 and today, I am 16w4d and the babies are the size of Avocados…so exciting!!! We heard their heartbeats yesterday and have an U/S on Friday…I can’t wait to see them formed, and not just fluttering heartbeats!!!

Anyway I can go on talking about this all day because we are just so excited!!! This has been an amazing experience so far and I know it will only get better!! My husband has been absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see him become the awesome father that he will be! I love you so much!!

Well that is my news! Happy Tuesday!!


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