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Are you my Baby Fairy??

So we have been blessed with a baby fairy…we have no idea who it is!!! This is one of the sweetest things and we truly can’t figure out who is doing it and it is kinda driving me crazy hahaha

Well it all started last week! Last Wed I went home after work and there is this shiny red gift bag hanging on my door and all it says is love the baby fairy…so I look in side and this is what I find:


These really cool spoons that change to white when it is too hot!!! So thoughtful and really neat!

Then this past Tuesday Aaron got home and called me saying that the baby fairy stopped by again today! I was like are you serious! Who could it be?!? This is what we got:


This adorable little monkey that sings!!! It is too fricken cute and we love it!

I would never have thought someone would do something like this for us, we are very appreciative and thankful for all that you are doing! It is really cute and very thoughtful of you!

Dear Baby Fairy: Whomever you are, we are very blessed to have someone so special in our lives, whether you are family, a close friend, or someone not so close, this means a lot to us, that you think so highly of us to want to do something so clever and absolutely awesome! We aren’t big on surprises since we are two problem solvers, but this surprise is definitely very fun and so exciting! We can’t wait to welcome our little ones into this world and these little gifts just make it that much more exciting as we countdown the days!

Love the very excited parents!!!


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