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Happy Reading!

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Lately I have had some good luck with books and one not so good!

Recently I have loved: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen and Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson.

Recently I have not loved: Meet Me at Emotional Baggage Claim by Lisa Scottoline and Francisca Serritella


Have you ever read a book and fell in love with an author?!? Well this is what Sarah Dessen does to me ALL the time! I absolutely love her books and for some reason don’t read them enough! The Truth About Forever was AMAZING! I really enjoy Sarah Dessen and this one just puts my love over the top! Her books are so light and enjoyable. There are so many aspects to this story that I loved and it all meshed wonderfully! Maci was a great character, not annoying and very easy to understand and relate to. The idea of playing Truth (Truth or Dare but only the Truth part), is a fantastic way to get to know someone! I really enjoyed the whole catering aspect of this story, the chaos and all! I also loved Wes and his unique hobby! I guess I just pretty much loved everything about this book!

How about reading a book that you are very unsure of, maybe thinking the story line may be a difficult one where you won’t relate or it will be hard to read, but end up loving it?!? Well this was Wintergirls! I actually listened to this one on Audio and normally I don’t have good luck with audiobooks. I never thought this storyline would keep me to engrossed! This is a very serious matter/ disorder that I know nothing about. Reading this book gave me tons of insight on how awful/scary/horrible/deadly Anorexia and eating disorders are. This book kept me on the edge, wondering why anyone would put themselves through something like this. Anderson did an excellent job explaining this in the story! This was well done, and I surprisingly really like this book and how real everything about it was!

Or reading a book you think would be funny and a great, light, fun read…and it was a huge let down?!?! Welp…that was Meet Me at Emotional Baggage Claim. I don’t know why I listen to these kind of books! The description sounds good and then I highly dislike them! This was a bunch or random rambling! I mean I know they were essays compiled but I thought they would at least flow a little better together. I just wasn’t impressed and didn’t really find it funny!

What books have you read that have fallen in any of these categories?


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