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Love it!

I have realized that I have been finding some amazing things lately and have been playing around with the idea of posting about my awesome finds once a month to share the love with you! Who knows, maybe some of these will benefit you too! 😉

Currently I am obsessed with the following:

LA Just Kissed Lip Gloss: Perfect somewhat neutral tint ( I know it doesn’t look like it but believe me it is!). I have been trying to find the perfect shade that can dim my bright red lips but not overpower them with a color too and this is perfect! AND I found it at the Dollar Tree…so you guessed it, it was ONLY $1!!


Orbit Apple Remix Gum: As most of you know I NEED to try a new flavored gum when it comes out and boy was I glad I did! This is such a light refreshing gum! You get the sweet flavor of an apple and it has pretty decent lasting time.orbit-gum-apple-remix

Brownie Brittle: I just found this at Walgreen’s (on clearance for $1.49) yesterday and OMG this is YUM YUM YUM!!! It is crispy like a cookie (which you know I LOVE!!) but it tasted JUST like a brownie! I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome this was! They have a couple different flavors but this toffee crunch one is really good!


Sweet Pea Necklace: Of course I don’t have a picture of the one I got but I ordered one from Groopdealz for $8.99 a couple weeks ago and I love it! I have a blue and pink pea in mine. The chain is a lot longer than I was expecting and the pea pod is a bit smaller than I thought it would be but I still love it! I wear it with love for my wonderful twins!


Well at the moment this is all of the cool awesome finds I have come across and love! Let me know if you guys like this and I can make it a monthly post ( I may do it anyway but some feedback would be nice 😉 ).




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