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Yep I am excited…can you tell?!?! It is only 10 and it has been an amazing day!!

Of course it started off awesome because we woke up knowing today is Friday and I had an amazing night with my kids all on my own!!! It was such a great feeling! ❤

Then we booked this amazing photographer this morning and I am soooooooooooo excited and anxious!!! For my Birthday I wanted to get the twins 6month professional pictures done, and a couple family photos because we don’t really have any AMAZING ones and…of course we NEED them! 🙂

Here is her blog and FB page…check them out!

The awesomeness didn’t stop though! I opened my email to find out that I won a book!!! I was stoked! Then I found out what book and I was even more excited!! It is a fellow Nestie book, and can’t wait to get it! The book is Push Girl by the amazing Jessica Love!

This was me:


Then I was like this:


And I can’t wait to be like this:


You guessed it again I am so excited!!!

Anyway I hope all you followers are having as great of a day as I am!

Have an AMAZING weekend! ❤


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