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May Love it’s

Who knew the random things we fall in love with! I don’t think these are too random but some may. I am addicted to the following these past couple weeks 🙂

Dunkin Oreo Vanilla Bean Coolatta: Um hello, Oreo in a drink…YES! YES! YES! It tastes just like an Oreo! I do want to try the coffee one but haven’t gotten around to it yet (but I am sure I won’t have any problems liking it!)









OPI Grape fit nail polish: Isn’t this a beautiful color? I got this on my toes last week when I had gotten a pedicure and I LOVE IT! I have been wearing sandals just so I can show it off even though my coworker thinks I am nuts because even though it is May we haven’t had too much warm flip flop weather.

O.P.I. A Grape Fit!









Snack Pack Lemon Pudding: OMG! I don’t’ know how I didn’t know about this pudding but it is AMAZING! It is like Lemon Meringue pie in a cup! Jess if you haven’t tried it yet you need to NOW! And Wendy I can’t believe you have been having this all along and I DID NOT know about it! 🙂








So what are your current loves or addictions?


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