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Are Bookmarks Dead?

I came across this on a blog I follow (go check John out, he is pretty cool!) and thought it was a perfect question! Are bookmarks dead?!?

Not to me! I love bookmarks! I don’t have any that are super snazzy or anything but I love being able to look at an “actual” book and see where I am, I love watching the bookmark move. Weird, maybe but I prefer an actual book over an e-reader. With my now busy life do I tend to read more on electronics sure but I prefer not to 🙂

So how about you followers? Do you still use bookmarks? Or do you have other ways to mark your spot?

Johnny Reads

ImagePhoto Credit: Pixopa

Bookmarks. No, I’m not talking about that little tab at the top of your browser that saves your favorite websites for easy navigation. I’m talking those things that we used to put on the insides of our books to save our page.

I’ve never been a huge fan of bookmarks. But I always liked looking at all the cool designs at my elementary school book fairs. And at Barnes and Noble on that little twisty thing. You could always find one that caught your interest that you just had to buy. Give me a bookmark with Katniss on it! Matter of fact, give me all of the bookmarks with Katniss on them! Or Hermione. But really, I probably wouldn’t even use those. One of my older brothers gave me some really fancy bookmarks for Christmas in 2012? And I never even removed them from the packaging. Don’t…

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