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Menu Monday 5/27 – 5/30

I hope everyone has today off like I do!!! HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Thank you to all the men and women who serve and have served! It takes very strong people to do what you do and I am very thankful!!!

Last week we made a delicious salad and really enjoyed that sweet corn and bacon Mac and cheese!!

We are trying to be a little healthier and have made a plan to try and have some sort of salad at least once a week, so let’s see how long we can keep it up 🙂

This week’s menu is as follows:


MONDAY: picnic at a friends house! Burgers, dogs, salad and dessert

TUESDAY: Memorial Day leftovers

WEDNESDAY: Penne with asparagus and cherry tomatoes

THURSDAY: Green apple, candied walnut and cranberry salad

FRIDAY: Taco-Roni

So what is your best kind of picnic salads? For this holiday weekend I have made a couple different salads. Such as broccoli salad, carrot and apple salad and a corn and tomato salad.



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