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A discovery turns to a GIVEAWAY!

Who doesn’t love a giveaway?!?! This is my first so we will see how it goes πŸ™‚

This is going to be a book giveaway and the detailed story is below…

Ok, so I am kind of annoyed at this discovery…I own two books with two totally different titles but, THEY ARE THE SAME BOOK!!!

Can you believe it!?!? I was so shocked and very upset when I stumbled upon this discovery…Just ask my husband who kindly went over every bit of the book to make sure I wasn’t mistaken lol

Well here are the books:


The one on the left, I got for Christmas last year and the one on the right I found at the Dollar Store.

So here is the story! I have wanted Simply from Scratch for a long time and I put it on my Amazon wishlist and got it this past Christmas and was so excited, but just haven’t had the time to pick this up.

Well, I was perusing the $ store one day andΒ  decide to check out the book section when this one, “A Pinch of Love” really caught my attention, so I read the back and LOVED it, so I bought it. Well after this past book club selection I decided to pick up something quick, light and fun and picked up A Pinch of Love. A couple nights ago I decided to update my Goodreads books, marking off the ones I own and I went to check off Simply from Scratch when a name caught my eye…Rose-Ellen “Zell” Carmichael Roy, hmmm this is the same character in the book I am reading now! So I checked the author and she wrote both of them, then I was thinking this must be a trilogy or something, so I read the summary and what do you fricken know…IT IS THE SAME BOOK!!!!

That is when Aaron and I search the book all over making sure it in fact is the exact same, then I got mad saying it didn’t even say anything anywhere about this being a remake, and we look and look and what do you know it does in small letters on the bottom:


Right there it says, previously published as Simply from Scratch…UGH! Clearly I was going to like this book since I bought it twice hahaha.

Has this ever happened to anyone before!?!? After researching both of them, they were only published a year apart, and it was an International Best Seller, so I am very curious why the name change happened!


Now on to the GIVEAWAY πŸ™‚

I am going to give away the one I bought at the Dollar Store, “A Pinch of Love”, yes I know it is just the Dollar Store but if you are interested, it is still a free book πŸ˜‰ (I have switched to reading the one that I got at Christmas so that I can give the nicer of the two away)

  • It is simple, leave your email and tell me your favorite book in the comments below and I will randomly select a winner next Tuesday 8/19, I will announce it here and send you an email.

Well do it or don’t, lets see how this goes.




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