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A lot of love for something New!

Hello beloved followers. It has been quite a while since I have even typed a draft on here!

I am checking in to give a couple life updates and to let you know I have officially started baking again! Woo Hoo! I just haven’t had the ambition and lets face it, my 5 family circus keeps me quite busy 😉

A couple weeks ago I baked us some of my chocolate chip cookies, and that is all that I needed to jump start my urge to bake again! I created a brand new cookie last night (with the help of my beautiful, strong willed amazing daughter!), that surprise will be posted next week for you, so stay tuned!

What else is going on? Well the twins are 3 1/2, Ty is 1 1/2 and we bought a new house, well I guess it is a year now, but we LOVE IT!!! Every day is a new adventure and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Now on to my love for something new…NORWEX! Have you all heard of these amazing products (I know most of my friends and family are probably sick of hearing about it right now). Cleaning with JUST WATER, and saving this Momma time and money…guess what, I signed up! Not only did I sign up and buy products but I became a consultant! Whoop whoop! It is so fun, and I love sharing these products with the world.

Since I want to share with all of you too, I am going to do a GIVEAWAY! Comment below with a quick hi, letting me know what your favorite product is if you are familiar with Norwex or check out my website, and let me know what captures your interest, for a chance to win a Norwex window cloth!!





I’m back world, with fun filled, Norwex loving, Cookie baking adventures 🙂 Check back next week for my NEW cookie!!


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