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Oh so Clever!

So, we bought our house about a year ago, and we are still trying to figure out what we want to do with it. How we want certain rooms designed, what certain things we still need to purchase, and how do we pack as much as we can into small spaces, such as a pantry!

Anyone else have that problem where you wish your pantry was 3 times bigger? You see all these cool things on Pinterest on how to save space, well my lovely A created a space saver all on his own 🙂 ❤

We had this shoe rack in our coat closet that we used for all of our shoes,

but the shoes would constantly fall down behind the bars and it just got really annoying. So we took it down and got something different.






Well after A took it down he had this brilliant idea to put it in our pantry! Man was this such a smart idea! It works so well for all of our boxed things, such as cereal and pasta. MY HERO ❤ ! We still don’t have tons of room in the pantry but it is so much less crowded and maybe a little more organized 😉 !

What sorts of things have you done with your pantry to help organize/space save?









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