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No Sew Curtains

So I had this post set up as a draft back in February 2013, but I never got around to actually ever doing the curtains. Since then we have moved, and we have been living with super long curtains in the bathroom! Now, I don’t sew, I want to get into it but it just isn’t on the top of my priority list right now, so this is the quick lazy man’s way of hemming or “sewing” without a machine πŸ™‚

Here are our super long curtains:

I had Steam – A – Seam that I picked up forever ago (probably when I saved this as a draft back in 2013), so I used that. You can find this in craft stores or maybe even Walmart. It comes in a package with full sheets of stickiness lol. So you would just cut strips for the length and width that you would need it for.








Place the curtain somewhere or on something you can iron on. It looks like it’s just on carpet but I have a magnetic ironing pad that sits on my washer so I just used that underneath.

Once the curtain is set, you want to figure out where you are hemming. For me this was easy, I wanted the last full grey strip to be my length, so I folded the curtain and placed the strips of the Steam – A -Seam on the bottom. You peel the paper off on one side and stick it to your fabric then once stuck, peel off the paper on the other side. Next you can stick the fabric together (your planned hemmed length should be on the bottom when you place the fabric together) then all you do is iron (I went back and forth slowly maybe 3-4 times and that seemed to be enough).

Voila. Hemmed curtains that took me probably all of 10 mins πŸ™‚







Got to love easy!










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