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Being the BEST we can be!

Remember when I said a couple of weeks ago that my goal this year is to be the best I can for myself, my kids & my husband. One of my steps to accomplishing this is soaking in as much information as I can to help shift my mindset and thinking! The past couple of weeks besides listening to some podcasts as I am folding laundry I have been reading a couple books.

These two books have definitely reminded me about some things I already knew and enlightened me with some others. I definitely recommend these if you need a reminder of how amazing you are and how to just prioritize the things that mean the most to you and how to slow down!

You are a Badass









This book got 4 stars from me, So much greatness! The hardest part is believing in yourself and GOD and leading that happy life! Do what you were made to do! Yes some may think, yeah ok, life doesn’t work that way, but it could, make the changes you need to if you want life to work that way, or heck…BELIEVE!

Slow Down









This book also got 4 stars from me. Initially it wasn’t what I was expecting but more times than not it got me thinking on how I need to slow down and let the little things happen and embrace and enjoy them. Life is too short. Our babies do not need to grow up that fast.. let them be kids and enjoy it with them…it goes so fast.

As I write this, “Our babies do not need to grow up that fast.. let them be kids” I remember how the society is also making them grow up so fast, what happened to playing in Kindergarten? My 5 year olds are coming home basically doing algebra (no joke! if you saw what my daughter was scrawling on a piece of paper you would think it was something she took from an older child, not from copying in class) and reading chapter books (or we have to read it to them, but STILL). We need to not let society and our task lists rush us through those little moments that might means so much to our littles because it just isn’t the right time.

Don’t get me wrong, I say these things all the time but as the next day comes and the hustle and bustle starts the day is over and I accomplished very little and rushed my kids and DID NOT slow down and enjoy the picture they drew me or “fully” watched or looked at what they wanted me to see. I am making it every effort to keep this in the front of my mind and be mindful of what I really want. I want to enjoy and remember the little moments, see their smile when I took the two seconds to fully look while I am trying to make dinner or check something else off that list.

I don’t know what is next, what I will listen to, what I will read, but I know each day I am trying to be aware of the things around me and try to not get wrapped up in the mundane but enjoy life, my kids, husband and all around family a little more!

I encourage you to try and be mindful of the things you rush with your kids because it is “slowing” you down, take a deep breath and SLOW DOWN. Enjoy those moments because before you know it they will be gone. My kids are 3 and 5 now and looking back, knowing who I am, I rushed and missed too much! BUT there is so much more ahead and I plan to enjoy it the best and most I can.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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