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About My Blog

Thanks for visiting my blog! So I have been playing with the idea of starting a blog where I can share some of the things I love with people I love! Recently with a little push and some kind words from my Best Friend I decided what the heck, let’s do it!!! In the end thinking, it can’t hurt and I would probably really enjoy it, and if nothing else it can be a place where I can archive the adventures I have while doing the things I love!

So here we are…A little FLOUR, A lot of LOVE! I’m sure you are wondering where did this name come from? It is actually quite simple, one of my biggest passion is baking hence the flour and although flour and I do NOT get along I felt it was a BIG contributor to most of the baking I do and it deserved a place in the name! Onto the Love, I just have a huge passion for the things that I do and I always put tons of LOVE into doing them, whether it be party planning, crafts or anything really… hence the love from the title 🙂

From what I have said above and the title alone, I’m sure you can tell what the blog is going to be about but I am looking forward to showing you my adventures in Baking, Party Planning, Crafts, probably some reading (known as a book-nerd by some family & friends) and really anything else I feel like sharing at the time hahaha. Going forward I am going to be showing you some things I have done in the past that I think you would love to see and along the way showing you new things I am doing at that time.

DISCLAIMER: I MAY SLIGHTLY BE ADDICTED TO PINTEREST SO A GOOD PORTION OF MY INFLUENCES MAY COME FROM THERE (My husband would tell you that I am MASSIVELY addicted, but since this is my blog, listen to me hahaha)

My baking…I am a HUGE cookie monster. I LOVE them so much and absolutely love baking them, including coming up with new flavors and techniques. So duh most of my baking will probably be cookies, so be warned! I also am quite a “lazy” dessert maker, if it has few ingredients and it is quick to make I am all there for giving it a try…I am known to be the dessert queen at times 🙂

Crafts…I can be very crafty and enjoy making handmade things! I like to scrapbook, crochet and am in love with my Cricut!!! I have a creative mind and love putting it to use, especially when I need gifts. All of my friends and family have received a handmade gift at sometime, whether it has been a card to a monogrammed frame.

Party Planning… First, everyone that knows me knows I am a MAJOR planner (my best friend and husband say my wedding was planned in month 2 after being engaged, which is SOOO not true, but you understand how much of a planner that I am). Second, I love putting my creativity to use as I have previously stated and this is a great place where it shines. I am not a stressful person but I love the chaos of planning an event or party…I go all out 🙂 I haven’t done much, just my wedding, little get togethers and some family related parties, and I love and live for it…it is just so much fun for me and nothing is better than seeing all of your hard work and planning come together and see how gorgeous it all looks and how happy people are in the end!

So I think that is enough talking for now, you got more than your share of insight and again I am excited to start sharing more as my blogging develops!


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