Reese Peanut Butter Bark

Here is an awesome quick bark that I am sure you all will love!!! It is a recipe I found a long time ago in a Hershey magazine.

Here is the bark hardening:


Here is the delicious bark all broken up and ready to enjoy!


Reese Bark Recipe


1 bag chocolate chips

1 bag Reese chips

1 Tbsp shortening

1/2 cup chopped peanuts


Melt the Chocolate chips in the microwave

Then melt the Reese chips in the microwave with the shortening

When the Reese chips come out all melted, add the chopped peanuts and stir until well combined

Now is the fun part! Just spread the melted Reese and chocolate all over a wax paper covered cookie sheet, alternating and using a knife and making swirls (I just kind of dump some chocolate in spot and some Reese in spots then spread it out and swirl it around)

Once it is all spread out, just put it in the freezer to harden, then you can take it out and break it up and start enjoying it.

**after you break up the bark, it tends to soften if left out to room temp, so I tend to leave it in bags in the fridge 🙂

I hope you enjoy! Happy Hump Day!


Striped Cookie & Hot Chocolate Truffles

One of my absolutely favorite things to eat with hot chocolate are those fudgy striped cookies!! Do you know what I am talking about? I love to dip them in my steaming hot chocolate until it gets soggy then I devour it, spin the cookie to do the same thing with the other half! Well a couple days ago I had this thought of an amazing striped cookie and hot chocolate together, then I thought TRUFFLE! Well, I figured lets give it a shot and see what happens! The end result was the most amazing truffle I have ever had (maybe not most but it was pretty darn close!).

Here are those striped cookies I am talking about:

Hot chocolate & striped cookies!

Hot chocolate & striped cookies!

Here is the recipe:

Striped Cookie & Hot Chocolate Truffle (makes about 20 truffles)

Striped Cookie & Hot Chocolate Truffle

Striped Cookie & Hot Chocolate Truffle


15 striped cookies (plus some chopped up to sprinkle on top of truffle, if you desire)

1 packet of hot chocolate powder

1/4 cup water

1 12oz bag of white chocolate chips


1. Put the cookies in a food processor and chop them up (you want small chunks & fine powder), then place them into a medium bowl

2.  In a cup, mix 1/2 of the hot chocolate packet into the water (it won’t fully dissolve and this is ok)

3. Add the hot chocolate liquid to the bowl with the chopped cookies and using a spoon mix it together until the cookie pieces are all moist.

4. Roll into balls (about a tsp, if too gooey to roll, just put little blobs, you can roll into balls after), and place onto waxed paper and put in the freezer for about 10-15 min until the balls are not so mushy.

5. While they are in the freezer, melt the chocolate chips in the microwave and when it is fully melted add the remaining  hot chocolate powder and mix until fully combined

6. Using a spoon dip the cookie balls into the melted chocolate, sprinkle some cookie pieces on and place back on the wax paper.

7. Allow to harden back up for a couple minutes then keep refrigerated when not enjoying so the chocolate doesn’t soften.

I had no idea how these were going to work out, but I am so excited that they did because they taste amazing!

I hope you give them a shot and enjoy them!

Old Fashioned Candy Buttons

Well I cam across this pin on Pinterest, a make your own candy buttons and I just had to try them!!! I don’t know about you, but I loved those candy buttons when I was growing up! I don’t know what it is about eating candy off of paper but it was a favorite.

Icing freshly whisked

Icing freshly whisked

Food Coloring added

Food Coloring added

Yummy Candy Buttons

Yummy Candy Buttons

Oh so many

Oh so many

Fun random colors

Fun random colors

The recipe was adapted from Here, but here is my adjusted recipe 🙂

2 egg whites
1 tablespoons water
1/4 teaspoon almond extract
1 box (1 pound) confectioners’ sugar
ziploc sandwich baggies
food coloring

1) Cut non-toxic computer paper into abut 10-15 strips (about 2 inches wide), you can make them how ever big you would like.

2) Whip together confectioners sugar, egg whites and extract, using a whisk until it is completely mixed and blended

3) Divide “icing” into small bowls. Color each bowl different colors.

4)Place the computer sheets onto a cookie sheet (or more), it will make for easier transportation (will most likely be moved because it takes forever to harden!)

5) Pour each color into a sandwich bag and seal (using my icing tip). Then cut a VERY small corner off of each bag.

6) Squeeze a drop of icing at a time onto the paper, it will form nicely into a rounded blob. (You can make the dots however big you want but the bigger the longer it takes to harden).

7) Move the cookie sheets to a cooler place in your house so they can rest and harden (it takes about 2 days to completely harden)

8) After that LONG period of drying & hardening enjoy these little buggers! (they are completely hardened when you can peel them off the paper without them being smushed!)

**I really loved these! The flavor was there and the texture but it did take an awful long time to dry and I am Very impatient!!! It was a nice taste of childhood! 🙂