Shredding Chicken with Kitchen Aid

While making some amazing taquito’s (recipe will be posted some time soon!). I needed to have shredded chicken and I have tried this before and MAN IT WORKS!!!

DSC04006 DSC04007


I have done this previously with full chicken breasts (but have no pictures) and here I did it again using chicken tenders and it works just the same with both!

  • First cook your chicken all the way through (I boil it, when I know i want to shred it).
  • Place the hot chicken in your kitchen aid with the paddle attachment
  • Turn that sucker on high and watch it shred your chicken
  • Voila
  • You got yourself some shredded chicken to do what you would like 🙂

Your welcome!

Have an amazing Easter weekend everyone!



Chicken Parm Panini’s

This was a quick dinner that Aaron and I came up with! I was thinking chicken parm but we were thinking about different things we could do with it besides the normal chicken parm over pasta, so this is what we came up with!


Doesn’t it just look delicious!?!?


1 loaf of ciabatta bread

2 chicken breast, sliced (long way) to get pretty decent sized sandwich chicken pieces (I think A got about 3 slices out of each breast)

shredded mozz cheese

pasta sauce

2 eggs




  • After the chicken is sliced and you have your pieces, you want to make the chicken parm piece! Dip the pieces in flour, then egg then bread crumbs.
  • Next you want to cook the chicken in a fry pan, getting it nice and crispy and fully cooked
  • When your pieces are ready, cut your bread (A cuts it on a diagonal, but cut it however you like 🙂 )
  • Then make your sandwich, bread, chicken, some sauce, some cheese then the bread (A tried his first one with tomato and maybe something else but he eventually fell to my ways and made a classic chicken parm 🙂 )
  • Finally, put it on the Panini maker and cook to your perfection!

We really enjoyed these and we hope you do too!!

Have an amazing weekend!